Moose on the Loose



Last week while driving down the Echo Trail, I came across this young Moose. When I first came upon the Moose, I didn’t have my camera ready, so I pulled the car over and got my camera out. I was sure the Moose would have run into the woods by then. But he hadn’t! He was just plodding along the side of the road obvilious to what was going on.

I think he may have been a young one, maybe he (or she) had just been driven off by his mama if she was ready to give birth to a new calf. It seemed like a very naive Moose, not too familiar with moving vehicles and modern civilization. I wanted to pass the galloping Moose with my car, but I was afraid to. He finally turned around and went the other way. Thankfully there isn’t too much traffic on the Echo Trail, especially in the early morning when birders are out scouting!

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