Migration is under way

American Crow

Spring migration is underway right now, but it may not seem like it when looking out the window. Crane Lake set a record low on Sunday morning, it was -8 below zero. It sure looks like the ice on the lake will be out very late this year. There may still be ice on the lake by the Walleye fishing opener on May 12th – it’s happened before.

This blog will be tracking the spring migration. The first bird that migrates to Crane Lake is the American Crow. This bird leaves for a short time during the dead of winter – December and January. In February, the Crows start coming back north to join their bigger cousins, the Common Raven. In recent history, Crows may not go very far south as I have seen wintering Crows on the Iron Range. One year I had a resident pair of Crows over-winter as I would see them every day at the sunflower feeder. The following year was a colder winter and the pair departed for warmer climes, returning to their nest site in the spring.


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