May 6, 2006

This morning I got a later start, didn’t get out until 8am and I could tell the difference. It was pretty quiet, but right away when I got to the gorge trail I heard the singing of a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. He was singing away in the small balsam right next to the trail. It is amazing how loud these tiny birds can sing, it sounds like it should come from a much larger bird. And his Ruby was all hanging out! (his ruby-crown that is)
Later on I heard a very familiar song. I searched the trees and finally found my first of the year Yellow-rumped Warbler. Jim had asked me earlier about a bird he had seen that had a yellow triangle right on top of the head. I queried him about the field marks and we looked it up in the guide book and figured out it was a Yellow-rumped Warbler. This yellow triangle atop the head is a very good field mark as it was very noticeable in the birds I saw this morning. I watched the warbler throw back his head and belt out the songs.
Back at home my feeders are still very busy. I have tons of Pine Siskins still hanging around pigging out on Thistle seed ( it may have something to do with the 5 thistle feeders I have ). Many Purple Finches are also here feeding on Sunflower Seeds. Lots of males and females are here and I hope they stay and nest as they have in the past. Last year it was fun watching them bring their young ones to the feeder. The Purple Finches have a very pretty song filled with lots of warbles and trills.

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