Little Bear on Big Bear Island – July 25, 2006

This morning about 6a.m. I heard some noises outside by the garbage cans. I looked out the window and I saw the little bear that has been making the rounds around the lake. He is so cute!!!

It is a small bear that must be a yearling (first year that they are on their own). He has an orange tag in each of his ears. This bear is no stranger to some of the people in town, I have heard recently that the orange tags are Canadian. Evidently, when a bear in Canada has been designated a nuisance bear, they get a tag in the ear. Then when they are discovered causing trouble again, they get another tag and a truck ride in a bear trap out to a wilderness area. We speculate the Canadians dropped the bear off somewhere along the Flanders Road. The Flanders Road runs from Atikokan in southern Ontario to the Indian village on Lac la Croix. This road is not very far from Crane Lake, so the bear has hit the jackpot here! He has been causing trouble all over town, and the poor thing isn’t finding much to eat out in the woods. The blueberry crop has failed due to the extremely dry conditions, and I’m sure a lot of the other things a bear would eat have dried up as well. I’m really sorry I couldn’t get a picture, he was so cute ripping into one of my garbage bags!

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