Last Weekend

Living up north has it’s drawbacks and one of them is when it gets bitterly cold and WINDY!

Bitter Cold

The actual air temperature during the day was about 15 below Fahrenheit, after a morning low of about 30 below. The winds were blowing up to 25 – 30 mph and according to the  WIND CHILL CHART it felt like -40. (in the morning the wind chill had been about -64) I was glad it was the weekend because then I wouldn’t have to start my car and go somewhere. It was best just to sit by the wood stove and keep warm.

The cold temperatures have brought back a winter time visitor that up until now had been absent from Crane Lake.


A few years ago the ornithologist from Voyageurs National Park, Lee Grim, told me that Redpolls are a sign of spring for us up here in the north land.

Common Redpolls

I guess they have already been south in search of food and they are now heading back north to their breeding grounds. We don’t have Redpolls here in the summertime. They are way up north in Canada raising chicks.

Pine Grosbeak

These Pine Grosbeaks were hanging out with the Redpolls.

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