Last Saturday – Sept 7, 2006

I took a hike on the Nelson Trail the other day. It was a beautiful sunny calm day. The fall migration this year has been fantastic! I saw a warbler in a Jack Pine and focused my bins on it – it had a grey hood and a weak eye-ring. He was also calling a weak call, but none the less a spring call. I got out my trusty iPod, but the battery was dead – how can that happen?, it had hardly been used. Well, I’ll just have to try to remember the call til I get home. Based on my memory of the birdsong and the sighting I was thinking it was a Connecticut Warbler, which would be a “lifer” for me.

Later on, there were some Gray Jays. They like to hang around with raptors – maybe to pick up on any dropped scraps? And sure enough there was an American Kestrel in the tree. I scared him up and then another one scared up. They were playing around in the air, when a third Kestrel also flew up from the trees. It was fun to watch them wheedle around over head.

Sure enough, according to my birdsong CD, it was a Connecticut Warbler. They also really like Jack Pine. Yipeeee! (it’s going to have to rain one of these days so I can get some work done)

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