Dark-eyed Junco

Where are all the birds? I’ve only seen Juncos lately. We seem to be in a lull right now. All the northern Sparrows that usually invade our lawns and feeders must still be up north. The weather has been quite mild making a very enjoyable fall around here. Seems like everything is late this year. Many leaves are still up on the trees. The next cold front should make things a little more normal.

Black-capped Chickadee

This Black-capped Chickadee is enjoying a drink of water on a cold day.

If you don’t have a heated birdbath yet, I would highly recommend getting one. The birds do appreciate a drink of fresh water when it’s cold out. Otherwise birds survive in the winter by eating snow. Maybe a little less energy would be expended by these tiny power houses, that we call birds, if they can get some thawed water. It’s amazing what open water will attract. In fact, I’ve heard that the Northern Cardinal (which doesn’t occur regularly in our area YET) will stay around in the winter if there is an open water source.

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