Instant Karma – August 1, 2006

When I finally get to town in the summer it is total chaos. Last time I was in town was on the way back from the 30 year reunion on July 2nd and then I was only able to run through the grocery store before getting back to Crane Lake so I could go to work that afternoon at 5pm. You see in the summer I get to town about once a month.

Anyhow, I was at Target looking at the digital cameras. I couldn’t make up my mind if I should buy a cheap camera for $129 or if I should buy a better one – like the Sony with the Carl Zeiss lens. I decided to get the Sony, if it isn’t the right one I can take it back. (that happens a lot; I’ll grab something quickly and then if it doesn’t work out I return it) Unfortunately, I hadn’t researched which kind of camera to go with my “digi-scoping” rig before I went to town. So the next day I called Eagle Optics to see what they recommend. I couldn’t believe it when the sales rep said that he recommends a Sony w-70. That was the exact camera I had grabbed in my haste! Unbelievable, I think I’ve decided which scope I’m going to buy – this is just toooooo exciting!

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