Incredible Ospreys – June 30, 2006

SwampThere is a big Osprey nest in the swamp right by the Nelson Road. This pair of Ospreys are like my friends. They were here last year and raised a family and this spring they returned on April 27th and set up camp at the same nest site. (I apologize for the awful picture, the nest is that blob that you can see above the tree tops)

It is with great trepidation that I travel down this stretch of road to the nest from Crane Lake because I learned at the VNP Birders Rendezvous that the Osprey population has declined in Voyageurs National Park due to Bald Eagle predation. The Eagles not only steal fish midair from the Osprey, they also attack eggs and young birds in the nest.

I don’t really get out much on the roads during the busy summer season, but every Thursday I do have to drive to Buyck to work at Sokoloski Logging. Ah, the Ospreys are o.k. this fine morning. I can’t see any young birds yet, it looks like an adult standing on the nest and the other adult is perched in a nearby tree. This swamp is the perfect location for a nest. I hope the dead tree that they have built their nest on is sturdy and stands for many more years.

Just as I’m getting back in the car, I hear a call that I have never heard before, however, I do recognize the call from listening countless hours to my birdsong c.d.s. I am too excited to even think straight! I think at first that it is a calling Northern Hawk Owl, but why would he be calling at 7:00 in the morning? I get back out of the car and listen some more and try to figure out where the sound is coming from. No luck, I am going to have to come back here tonight.

A couple hours later at work, I am still racking my brain trying to figure out where I have heard that call – then it comes to me, I think could it have been a Cuckoo……

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