In search of Ross’ Light

Ross Light

Ross' Light

There is a certain time, in the morning and in the evening, when the light from the sun is just right for photography. Famous naturalist and writer Sigurd Olson referred to it as Ross’ Light. I can’t remember how the name came about, but I remember the concept.

View on Crane Lake

View on Crane Lake

The sunlight at these times, when the sun is closer to the horizon, bends the sunbeams and baths theĀ surrounding landscape in a warm light. It can make photos look surreal.

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4 Responses to In search of Ross’ Light

  1. I remember being told that the amber yellow light after a rain in the late afternoon was called Ross Light. This was when I was growing up in the north woods of WI. And that is what I call the amber yellow light after a late in the day rain storm in KY.

  2. Donnie Tegeler says:

    I observed the Ross Lights many years ago in 1978 after a late afternoon thunder storm. The Birch trunks and limbs and other trees glowed in a bright yellowish sunshine.
    I read about Ross Lights when I was 12 years old. I didn’t imagine that I would ever see them first hand. I was able to share the experience with a crew of Boy Scouts traveling out of Sommers Canoe Base.

  3. Charles-Alexandre says:

    Its the name of the photographer Olson was guiding on a canoe trip.

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