If I wanted to become a bird

I would have to make several changes to my body.

If I want to be able to fly, I would have to lose a lot of weight. If I don’t need to fly I would be able to gain some weight as Ostriches, which are flightless birds, can weigh up to 220 pounds. My bones would have to be lightened up considerably, but they would have to remain strong.

I would have to change the structure of my skeleton to accommodate my new body as a bird. Starting at the bottom, I would have to grow big feet, the tarsus would become much longer, and I would have to grow my toenails out to accommodate whether I would become a bird that targets food through predation or if I were to use my feet and toes to perch. My knees would move up my legs as my femur bone became shorter. My ankles would now be where my knees used to be and I would look funny as I walked. Some people would say I turned my knee completely around, but instead that is my ankle.

I would have to grow a bill on my face to replace my mouth. All my teeth would fall out and I would grow a gizzard to grind up my food. My gizzard would be either a hard piece of cartilage with heavy duty ridges, or I could get away with a softer gizzard depending on which foods I chose to eat.

I would grow feathers and my arms would have to be modified to accommodate the flight feathers that would grow there. My wrist bone would be reduced to just 2 instead of the 10 that I have now, and the bones in my hands would be fused together.

I would have to grow a wishbone, or a furcula, to help the huge breast muscles that are growing to power flight.

My general shape would have to change to make my center of gravity lower.

I think the best part of becoming a bird, would be the high energy demands that would require me to eat my own weight at least twice or maybe even three times my body weight every day. The extra nourishment would help maintain my core body temperature of 103 to 111 degrees Fahrenheit. This daily chore would be a pleasure, but could also be a death sentence if the right food couldn’t be found.

During the breeding season those demands would be even more daunting as I would have several other mouths to feed when my eggs hatched. That is why I might migrate to a location where plenty of protein would be available, like for instance, northern Minnesota, where lots of insects flourish during the summer months.

People have always said I’m a bit “Looney”, maybe that wouldn’t be too bad!

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