Ice Out

The ice has finally gone off the small bay, known as Baylis Bay, on Crane Lake. There is still ice on the main lake and further up the chain to Sandpoint Lake and Namakan. A few years ago we took a boat up the lake and encountered an iced-up Namakan Lake. Sometimes Namakan Lake will have ice on it for a week after the ice on Crane Lake has gone out.


I was off island for about a week this year waiting for the lake to open up. When I got back home, I was standing out in the yard when I heard the chip call of a Warbler. Boy, I have gotten good at recognizing that chip note. I got my bins and focused in on a Warbler high in a nearby tree – it was a Yellow-rumped Warbler! Do you think Butter Butt was welcoming me home? He was in his beautiful breeding plumage, I suppose it could have been another bird because they are moving into the area and YR Warbler are among the very first Warblers to arrive back up north on their breeding grounds – but I can hope can’t I?

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