Ice-out Dates

1994                April     23

1995                April     21

1996                May     03

1997                April     25

1998                April     12

1999                April     22

2000                April     15

2001                April     28

2002                April     23

2003                late April

2004                April     20

2005                April     15

2006                April     14

2007                April     26

2008                May     03

2009                April     23

2010                March  ??


These ice-out dates apply only to Baylis Bay and the part of the lake to the south of Big Bear Island. The big northern portion of Crane Lake usually becomes ice free within a day or two after the above dates. The big lakes further up north can go out much later, up to two weeks later.


In the Spring, Crane Lake is affected by the rivers and creeks that flow into it. There are two big rivers, the Vermilion and the Echo, and three smaller streams that all flow into the southern portion of Crane Lake. The flowing warm water really affects the lake ice. When the spring melt swells the rivers into raging torrents, the moving water starts to cut a path into the lake ice. Throw in a good stiff wind and the ice on the lake can move around and pile up on shore.


It certainly looks like it will be an early break-up this year.

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