Hummers are back – July 18, 2006

The hummers are back! I read somewhere that when the hummingbirds are nesting and feeding their young, they prefer insects to flower nectar. I think that is why there is about a 3 week lull where you just don’t see any hummers at the feeders. Now they are back with a vengeance! There are young hummers out buzzing about and a male hummer always tries to dominate the feeder. This morning there were 5 hummers flying around the feeder and they kept the dominant one busy so others could fly in for a meal of sugar water. Yesterday I had to put the bee guards on my hummingbird feeders, because the bees have discovered the feeders. I like to keep the bee guards off as long as I can because they tend to grow mold on them quickly.

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