Herring Gull Nests

Herring Gull on nest

Herring Gull on nest

Herring Gulls

Herring Gulls

I can’t wait to see the babies!

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2 Responses to Herring Gull Nests

  1. Gracie says:

    Where did you find these?

    • Vacation says:

      Hi Gracie! I found the Gull nests up on Sandpoint Lake just outside of Swanson’s Bay. The rock island isn’t very big, but evidently it’s big enough for 3 Herring Gull nests. I read that it takes 30 days to incubate the eggs and the young birds are cared for for another 6-7 weeks before they fledge. I can envision a few baby Gull pictures in the near future!

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