Grouse babies

There are baby Grouse crossing the roads all over the place now. Ruffed Grouse are the most common bird up here at Crane Lake, but there’s also another species of Grouse that is very special and not very common in northern Minnesota. That Grouse is the Spruce Grouse.

The other day on the Echo Trail, there was a big bird standing in the road that I determined was a Grouse. I slowed the car and as I got closer, I saw it was a Spruce Grouse Hen.

Spruce Hen

Spruce Grouse Hen

I waited by the car because I suspected that she had some little ones that she was protecting. Pretty soon the babies started crossing the road.

Spruce Grouse fledgling

Spruce Grouse fledgling

It’s amazing that the baby Grouse can already fly short distances.

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