Great-horned Owl

Yesterday at about 5:30pm on my way home from town, I saw a bird perched at the tip top of a tree. My first reaction was a big raven, but I thought I better take a better look. Rather than speeding by at 60 mph, I stopped the car and got out my good ole “car bins” and was thrilled to see two¬†tufts on its’ head. It was a Great-horned Owl! This was in Buyck, that is the area about halfway between Crane Lake and Orr on County Road 23.

Back in 2007 there was a Great-horned Owl nest up on the Echo Bay Trail by Lake Kabetogama. I got some really fun pictures of the Owl family. That was in early June and the Owlets were close to being full grown. Great-horned Owls are probably the first bird that starts nesting in the Spring, although Gray Jays might vie for that position. Listen for the Owl’s hoots right now as they are setting up territories and looking for the vacant nests of other’s to take over and raise their brood. Their call is pretty easy to pick out: 3 short hoos and 2 long hoots.

Also, we have an over-wintering Cardinal at Crane Lake, he ( a male) has been visiting a couple different feeders in town. This is the first time we’ve had a Cardinal stay around all winter here at Crane Lake.

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