Great-horned Owl nest

I heard about this Great-horned Owl nest located at the Heron Rookery up by Kabetogama. So I took the drive to check it out.

Great-horned Owl Nest 

There are two baby owlets in this picture along with the adult owl. The twin owlet stayed hidden behind the tree trunk the entire time I was there, which wasn’t too long because the bugs were a buzzin’.

Great Blue Heron Nest

 It is amazing that the Owl nest is located among the Great Blue Herons nest – I think the Owls took over an old Heron nest. The Owls don’t seem to bother the Herons too much – the Herons were still tending nests.

While taking some photos I heard something grunting in the woods and then something went running through the brush. I think it may have been a bear! When I got back out to the road, there was a “waste canister site” right in line with where I had been.

Out in the ditch of the road, I found this nice clump of Yellow Lady Slippers.

Yellow Lady Slippers

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