Gorge Portage

Vermilion Gorge Portage

The Vermilion Gorge Portage is also a very nice hiking trail. This little used portage follows the west side of the Vermilion River Gorge and takes you past the rapids to the placid river upstream. This upper part of the river is a good place to fish.

In case you were wondering how far 240 rods is, here is the formula:

1 rod = 16.5 feet
240 X 16.5 = 3960 feet
1 mile = 5,280 feet   

3,960 / 5,280 = .75 or 3/4 mile

So hiking the trail and back would be 1 1/2 miles. Not bad for a quick little hike in the woods. The woods are beautiful along this trail. Soaring pines and the mosses and lichen are plentiful. The usual boreal forest birds occupy this area: Canada Warbler (they are numerous this year), Mourning Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler, Hermit Thrush. We found some nice wildflowers including this Twin Flower.

Twin Flower

These cute little flowers bow their heads down and grow in pairs, many flowering stalks arise from a creeping stem. I like the latin name for this plant: Linnaea borealis.

Another flower we found was the “Wood Nymph” or One-flowered Wintergreen. This diminutive plant can be found along this trail. Check out this link for some amazing information about this wildflower: Moneses uniflora


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