Good Sightings

Thanks Phil Christensen for the phone call about the Snowy Owl sighting. The all white adult Owl was found by Moose Lake just outside of Orr. It’s been a long time since I have seen a Snowy Owl and I think I’ll take a drive around Orr today to see if I can find it. Snowy Owls like open areas, similar to their native Tundra, so a good place to search would be the Orr Airport. After I take a look around there, Phil suggested I try the Gusman Road just west of the airport.

This past week in Minnesota there have been some fantastic sightings, including two first state records: a Black Guillemot at Taconite Harbor on Lake Superior, and an Acorn Woodpecker at Crow Wing State Park just south of Brainerd. Great photos and an account of the experience can be found here:

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