Fresh Snow and Red Birds

go together like…

Purple Finch

Purple Finch

Finally, some color showing up at the feeders. It’s been a dry stretch with all the neotropical migrants gone for the cold season. There’s still enough natural food in the trees so the winter finches aren’t coming to feeders yet. Maybe until now…

Purple Finch and Goldfinches

Purple Finch and Goldfinches

Purple Finch is such a peculiar name for a RED bird. But the explanation may be in the Latin name for the bird, which is Carpodacus purpureus.¬†The descriptive name of purpureus¬†signifies the color “crimson”. I guess Crimson Finch would be more fitting, but then it would be harder to say.

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3 Responses to Fresh Snow and Red Birds

  1. Have you seen any Redpolls yet?

    • Vacation says:

      Not at Crane Lake, but there were some around Duluth back on November 5th. According to the Winter Finch Forecast, it is supposed to be a good year here in Minnesota for Redpolls since it’s been reported that it is a poor year for Birch seeds across Canada.

  2. I love those birds. Bring them on!

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