flicka, flicka, flicka May 29, 2006

The other day, while I was outside filling bird feeders in the backyard, a Northern Flicker flew in and landed on one of the many dead trees we have. Then she quickly disappeared into a hole in the tree! I’ve discovered a Flicker nest! She has excavated a nest in one of our dead and punky birch trees. Just the previous night we had seen a pair of Flickers acting amorous in a nearby tree in the backyard and I had thought that they must have a nest close by. I just didn’t realize it was that close by!

I knew that keeping the dead trees standing that someday I would be rewarded. Much to the chagrin of some of my neighbors, I have not let Jim cut some of the dead trees that dot our property. Several years ago, the crew from the electric company had told us that when birch trees die they come down a little bit at a time; not to worry so much about birch trees coming down all at once and crashing into your roof. Well that did it for me and now we let the dead birch stand…..

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