First Snow – Oct 13, 2006

The weather is certainly the big news in Crane Lake this past week. Last Saturday, Oct 7th, was just beautiful. Temperatures topped out at 75 degrees. Sunday was nice if not a little windy. The cabin folks who came up this weekend to close their cabins certainly were not procrastinators. Monday was nice and Tuesday was again close to 70 degrees. But then the weather forecasters were boding of a bad spell of weather coming our way. Well, you know how it is, we had a hard time believing it since it was so nice. Yes, we may have a day where the temps may dip and it may get windy and a little snow might fall, but it would be over quick. And then we would have our Indian Summer and we could get out in the yard and clean up those leaves and turn off water, etc.

Snow on Impatiens










Wednesday, the wind blew with a vengeance out of north up to 35 mph. We received some snow overnight and it stuck to the ground. The weather forecasters were warning of blowing snow and high winds. Thursday we got snow showers on and off all day, but the snow on the ground seemed to be melting. The winds continued to roar out of the NW, but not as bad as Wednesday. Maybe we were coming out of it.
Oh, No, Thursday night it blew like hell all night and snowed too. Some areas received 6 inches of snow! The roads were a mess – it was winter!
Now they are predicting a low of 16 degrees for Saturday night. Do we believe them? I think this time we may listen a little closer. It is not very much fun to be doing those outside chores when the weather is cold. Your gloves get wet and your mood gets dull. Oh it feels good to sit by a roaring fire and enjoying a mug of hot tea. Its all worth it and that’s why we live in this great north country!

First Snow










The only good thing that has come out of this snow is that it chased out the Sharp-shinned Hawk that had been hanging around my bird feeders harassing the little birds.

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