First Robin

This morning an American Robin showed up in the backyard.

It’s funny this spring migrant showed up only one day after I saw a Pine Grosbeak. I had not seen a Pine Grosbeak since March 15th, but a lone female came in to the feeder on Friday. She was accompanied by a flock of Common Redpolls, but in the group of Redpolls there was a single Hoary Redpoll. He contrasted with the common Redpolls by his almost total lack of streaking – he was very white on his rump and vent area. The red on his breast was just a light wash.

Then I saw the Boreal Chickadee come in for a peanut, I guess they are still in the area too.

The only other spring migrant that has shown up in Crane Lake are the Crows. Even Eagles are scarce this year. It’s not surprising though since we are still in the grips of winter. The lakes and rivers are still locked tight with ice.

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