Looking back at the rainfall amounts you can see that we had 3/10s of an inch on Sept 3. That night a little thunderstorm moved through the area and brought the teeny little bit of rain that fell. But the thunderstorm did have some cloud to ground lightening and the conditions were perfect in the woods for a little forest fire action. On Wednesday, the 5th, there were a few different fires burning. The DNR sent out the water bombing planes and they were picking up water in Crane Lake and heading south to the Herriman Trail. The wind was heavy out of the south and it was hot and humid. The thunderous roar of the plane as it passed over with a heavy load of water was defeafening. But it was good to know they were putting out fires and it was neat to see the planes in action.

I can’t wait to go check out the Herriman Trail. That fire was burning about 2 miles from the trailhead on the Nelson Road (county road 424). I have heard that Black-backed Woodpeckers will descend on the area within days after a fire.


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