Female White-winged Crossbill

It seems like the colder the morning, the more birds there are on the roads picking grit.

White-winged Crossbill female

This female White-winged Crossbill let me pull my car up to within 6 feet of her. I stuck my point and shoot camera out the car window and took several pictures.

White-winged Crossbill, 1st year male?

In looking at the bird guide book, this bird may be an immature male. The males are a yellowish color before they acquire the beautiful red color of the mature male. White-winged Crossbills have two bold white wing bars, although the upper bar may be covered by the scapulars, like the bird in the photo above. The dots on the back are white tertial tips. The tertial feathers are the three innermost secondary wing feathers. On a folded wing these broad feathers rest on top of the other secondaries. 

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