Feeding Pine Grosbeaks – Jan 20, 07

I love to watch the Pine Grosbeaks come in to feed.
In my backyard, I throw sunflower seeds right on the ground for all the birds.
When the Pine grosbeaks come in to the yard, they will sit on a branch up in a tree and survey the situation for a little bit. They must be checking to see if things are safe enough to come in for some seeds.
When they deem it safe enough, they will put their head down and just fall off the branch head first – it seems like, at the last possible second they will put their wings out and come in for a nice soft landing. If you are sitting in your house and can’t see the branch they launch off of, it looks like little bombs dropping in from the sky.
All Pine Grosbeaks are gray and then their sex determines the complimentary color. The female pine grosbeaks are an orangey-rust color, the males a beautiful red color. In between there are the young males – they look sort of a orangey-pinkish color. As winter progresses the pink gets stronger.

Male Pine Grosbeak

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