Fall Warbler Season

Blackburnian Warbler in fall

Blackburnian Warbler in fall

Yes, it’s true, according to the MN Ornithologists Union (MOU), the summer reporting season ends today, July 31st. Tomorrow is the first day of fall. Their seasonal calendar is for the birds. Fall migration is already swinging into action. Shorebirds start moving south in mid July. For most birds, the summer breeding season is over. Now they can leisurely move along with their new families and head for their wintering grounds.

Some Warblers, but not all of them, molt out of their breeding plumage and now sport their winter garb, which tends to be much more drab. The above Warbler was foraging in the trees out back and wouldn’t sit still long enough for a good shot. But, I believe it is a basic plumaged Blackburnian Warbler. You must look for other field marks in the fall, like┬áleg color or wing bars.

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