Fall Hiking

Happy Thanksgiving!

To Canada that is. Monday, Oct 14th is the date that Canada celebrates their Thanksgiving. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thanksgiving_(Canada)

So I went out to my favorite bog habitat to try to find some ripe Cranberries.

Bog CranberryBog Cranberry

I remembered that there were an abundance of Cranberry flowers this spring, see my previous blog post from June. http://blog.visitcranelake.com/wildflowers-aplenty/
Wild CranberriesWild Cranberries

And I wasn’t disappointed. I picked these Cranberries just from the trail without getting my feet wet. If I wanted more, I would have to go back with some good waterproof boots, or better yet, hip waders.
Hunting Shack RiverHunting Shack River


It has been a beautiful fall for hiking and hunting.  
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