Fall Activity

Spike Buck 

One thing that Crane Lakers do in the fall is count the deer along the Crane Lake Road.

You see the actual village of Crane Lake is literally at the “end of the road”. We are located 30 miles from Orr and US Highway 53 and the only road going to Crane Lake is County Road 23/24. There are a lot of woods between us folks here and the town of Orr. In between Crane Lake and Orr is the very spread out community of Buyck (pronounced Bike).

At this time of the year, right before Deer hunting season, the Deer come out to the edges of the road to feed on the short, green grass. In the waning light of the afternoon, many, many deer come out. Tonight on my way home from town I counted 38 deer.  This is nothing compared to a “normal” night where some people have easily counted over 100 Deer along the road.

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