Evening Grosbeaks – Oct 6, 2006

Yesterday afternoon while walking in the woods, I came across 4 Evening Grosbeaks. They were calling their familiar call which some have likened to House Sparrows – I guess they kind of sound like that if you use your imagination. Fortunately we do not have House Sparrows here in Crane Lake so it is a little hard to compare.

On another note, I have a tree in my yard that is some kind of Ash, I think, and the Pine Grosbeaks just love the seeds. This year the tree is loaded with seed, so it will just be a matter of time before the tree will be filled with feeding Pine Grosbeaks. I should be able to get some great photos with my digi-scoping equipment. Until that time, here is a shot of the seeds that those birds love.

Ash Tree Seeds
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