Evening Grosbeaks

Evening Grosbeak 

This spring there have been many Evening Grosbeaks in the area. I could hear their twittering calls in the trees and then they came in for some sunflower seeds.

These birds are so beautiful, even the females in their somewhat drab colors are still very
 female Evening Grosbeak

They travel in flocks of 10 – 20 birds. I saw the male Evening Grosbeak displaying to the female – he would flutter his wings at the female and his whole body would quiver. I have also seen females flutter their wings in display.

Last summer they were nesting in the general area around Crane Lake. I would hear them in the Jack Pines across the channel from the Crane Lake Post Office and also they were seen and heard around Nelson’s Resort.

This is one of the birds that we have an opportunity to observe year around in our boreal forest. This large-billed seed eater was a bird of the west, unknown east of the Great Lakes before the 1890s. Their population around here peaked back in the 1980’s when they were very common, but they have since been on the decline and now we don’t see them as often.


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