Evening Grosbeaks

Yesterday while walking the Harriman Lake Trail in Crane Lake I came across a small flock of Evening Grosbeaks. They were way up in an Aspen tree. There was a strange call being emitted by one of the birds, I had never heard the call before, it was a low buzzy chirping. Then I observed one bird fluttering its wings like young birds will do when they are begging for food. An adult male then fed the begging bird. I wonder if they have young fledglings already or if this was a courtship ritual.

This was the first time I have walked the trail this year and it was alive with calling birds.

Almost all the regular summertime breeders are back on territory. They are coming back very early this year. We have finally had some rain and the woods are just drinking it up, things are greening up nicely.


Follow this link for some good information about Evening Grosbeaks

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