I was listening to XM Sirius, the “Chill” channel, on TV today and this song played:


It sure brought back some memories of when we first moved to Crane Lake in 1991. It really doesn’t seem that long ago, but a lot of things have changed in Crane Lake in the last 18 years. Back then we couldn’t receive any TV signals over the airways as we were too far from Duluth. If you wanted to watch TV,¬†you had to purchase one of those huge unsightly satellite dishes, which were very expensive. The other alternative was to point your TV antenna north to pick up channel 5 from Winnipeg. We watched more than a few “Hockey Saturday Nights”.

The radio airways were challenged as well. Only a few stations could be received over the FM dial. After a while, those stations became very tiring and repetitous and I looked for other ways to get music. My girlfriend in the Twin Cities would record music onto a cassette tape for me! She recorded several of the “Musical Starstreams” programs that they used to play on Sunday mornings on the Cities 97. Enigma was one of the bands that I remember from those tapes.

Or how about this video:


This one kind of reminds me of my discovery of the north woods around here and my journey into the bird life and nature of the Crane Lake area. It’s been a great trip!

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