Edge of the Wilderness – May 28, 2006

waterfallIts been an exciting couple weeks in the woods, but I had more excitement last Thursday while working at Sokoloski Logging. Working on the edge of the wilderness has its advantages. For me it was the call of the Black-throated Green Warbler. I heard their distinctive call above the noise from the radio that played in the background. I asked myself, why do you have that nonsensical radio station on when you could be listening to the sounds of the woods? I quickly turned off the offending music and for the next 4 hours I listened to what is now etched in my memory as the buzzy call of the Black-throated Green Warbler. Black-throated Green Warbler – Whatbird.com I even saw his beauty briefly on the end of a young Norway pine bough. He took a short break around noon, probably napped, and then continued calling the rest of the afternoon. This was amid the din of the guys working on their heavy logging equipment and the fumes of diesel fuel. Life is good…….

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