Eastern Phoebe

Eastern Phoebe

Eastern Phoebe photo by Alice Hill

This bird is a fairly common sight up here in the northland. It is another one of the flycatchers, but not one of the empidonax flycatchers, the Phoebe is larger and has no wing bars or eye ring. They can be distinguished from the Eastern Wood Peewee by their constant tail bobbing. This bird doesn’t mind living and nesting around people, in fact they use man-made structures to their advantage. Often times they will build their nests under eaves of buildings and under bridges on the girders.

Phoebe chicks

A few years ago a PHOEBE built a nest in my boathouse – it was right above the door. She was unconcerned with the traffic passing through the doorway numerous times in a day. This Phoebe returned to the same site for 3 years and sucessfully raised at least 5 young ones each year.

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