Eaglet Update

All is well over at the eagle nest at http://www.mnbound.com/live-eagle-cam. The baby Eagle, Harmon, was alone in the nest for almost 24 hours when just in time the adult Eagles swooped back into the nest and started caring for little Harmon. According to the blog, the rescuers from the Raptor Center were there getting ready to take Harmon back out of the nest. Then they saw the Eagle pair come back into the vicinity and the male Eagle was the first to land on the nest. The emotion that went on with that reunion had everyone in tears! Watching nature in action that closely can be very emotional, just take a look at the chat line that is going on beside the webcam feed.

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  1. Jeannie Howard says:

    I would like a little more info about the surrounding area Harmon’s nest is sitting in. I do not want to know where the nest is. What I am concerned about is why there is so little food in this nest. If you could please relate what the terrain is like and the wildlife I would appreciate it. Thank you.


    • Vacation says:

      The Eagle nest is located in central Minnesota somewhere. The nest is situated right over a river. I have seen the adults bring in fish and also what others have said is squirrel. I believe there is enough food there to sustain one Eaglet. Usually more food means more Eagles are able to fledge as is the case at the Decorah, IA. nest.

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