Cuckoo Hunting – July 5, 2006

This morning we are heading to the cities for the 30 year reunion of Saga Hill “Kountry Klub”. This group of people are friends of Jim’s and they have been partying together for some 30 years. It will be a good time. But first, I have some birdin’ to do! Jim says the Cuckoo hunt better not take any time, we are on a tight schedule (like always, we have a ton of things to do when we take a rare trip to the twin cities).

The second we stop and turn off the car we can hear the Cuckoo calling. He is in the small trees in the swamp next to the road. How Lucky!!! I grab my camera (you never know) and head down there with my bins. I get some fantastic looks at the bird – I can see his throat move as he makes his ku, ku, ku call. I can see the red eye ring and the completely black bill. (I confirm that it is not a Yellow-billed Cuckoo) And this morning there are two Cuckoos calling! I try to get close enough to snap a picture, but he flys. Oh if only I had my, not yet purchased, Spotting Scope. I could have “digiscoped” the bird. What a great sighting! And it only took about 2 minutes and we are back heading south. (by the way, there were no birds in the Osprey nest. We had a doosy of a storm on Friday night, I hope everything is ok with my Osprey family and the parents are currently out hunting and the babies are hunkered down. My anxiety grows……)

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