Crazy Bird – June 6, 2006

I have had a Yellow Warbler attacking my bedroom window since Tuesday. He gets up at the crack of dawn (abt 5:00am) and flies up to my window to fight with his reflection. Each time after the attack he’ll sing “sweet, sweet, I’m so sweet” then he’s up at the window again. This goes on thru the day at various times. I haven’t found a nest yet.

The Song Sparrows are out of their nest. I hope the Grackles didn’t get them; they’ve been hanging out in the yard. I really don’t think they did, I think the little Song Sparrow babies are just hanging out in the long grass sitting quiet waiting for Mom and Dad to bring them food. It was last Friday night that Jim discovered the nest and the babies were pretty big by then, although their eyes weren’t open and they didn’t have much for feathers.

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