Crane Lake has froze over

Crane Lake, Minnesota

The main part of Crane Lake probably froze on Monday night when the temperatures dipped to 1 degree above zero. But, the recent light snowfall(s) has slowed down the ice formation to a crawl. We’ve got about 2 inches of snow on the ice and just that little bit will insulate the ice. There’s only about 3 inches of ice on the lake right now. Slush is forming around the cracks in the ice. The weight of the snow, pushes the ice down so that water bubbles up from the lake through the cracks. The water then sits on top of the ice under the snow where it doesn’t freeze until we get some colder temps.

Snowy Boughs

Walking through the woods, you run the riskĀ of getting snow down the back of your neck.

knocking snow off branches

Using a stick to knock the snow off the pine boughs before you walk under them helps alleviate this pesky problem! (many Thanks to Trapper John for this tip)

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2 Responses to Crane Lake has froze over

  1. DaveO says:

    Nice site! We kayak VNP a couple times a year and finally went out of Crane this time instead of Ash River. It was great. I like your bird stuff as well. I just did a post on deer season chickadees that was lots of fun. VNP again in April and it sounds like Crane is the spot!

  2. Vacation says:

    Gittgeegumy Guy I love your site! I have been there many times. I’m trying to work up the nerve to kayak Lake Superior some time. It’d be an adventure. Your Chickadee post is awesome!

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