Cover Shot

Minnesota Birding

Minnesota Birding

Here’s a scan of my photo that made the cover of the Minnesota Birding Magazine that’s published by the MOU or Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union. The MOU is the state-wide birding club that brings birders and ornithologists together to promote conservation and knowledge of birds in Minnesota.

The photo of a male Evening Grosbeak feeding a juvenile was taken last summer towards the end of July. Many Evening Grosbeaks seem to frequent the town of Crane Lake during the spring and summer to nest and raise families.

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5 Responses to Cover Shot

  1. Zee Mathews says:

    Oh.. thats a lovely picture for Minnesota Birding Magazine cover.


    Zee Mathews
    The Salon Mangers Academy

  2. Congratulations- it’s a beautiful photo!

    • Vacation says:

      Hey, it’s nice to see you back! I just looked at your Hasty Brook blog and your photo of the Chickadee is excellent! Have a great spring and summer! Good birding…

  3. Marsha Burkhardt says:

    Congratulations on a great photo, Dee! I just had the pleasure of seeing a rose breasted grosbeak on our feeder!

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