Cook Christmas Bird Count

Here are the results of the Christmas Bird Count held at Cook, MN. Cook is a little town about 45 miles south of here. Crane Lake does not have a bird count set up (yet).

A total of 21 species in a 15 mile diameter circle were counted on Friday, December 28th. A total of 1,762 birds were counted.

6 Bald Eagles
135 Common Ravens
2 American Crows
35 Gray Jays
85 Blue Jays
1 Northern  Shrike
2 Ruffed Grouse
15 Downy Woodpeckers
6 Pileated Woodpeckers
89 Red-breasted Nuthatches
83 White-breasted Nuthatches
43 Purple Finches
590 Black-capped Chickadees
267 American Goldfinches
76 Evening Grosbeaks
217 Pine Grosbeaks
60 Rock Pigeons
2 Starlings
15 House Sparrows
1 Ring-neck Pheasant

No owls or hawks were spotted on the count nor were Redpolls or Pine Siskins – which is not normal for this area and time of year.

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