Common Grackle

Common Grackle 

There are lots of Grackles moving through the area in migration. I don’t know if it was the lighting or if it’s that time of the year, but the Grackles are actually kind of pretty right now.

I recently found an old bird book that was first published in 1932. The writer, Thomas Sadler M.D., tells it like it is. It’s interesting to read the old accounts and how attitudes have differed from that time. Back in the olden days, folks had quite different opinions about birds and wildlife. The natural resources and that includes the number of birds and the wildlife back then were so abundant that they seemed like they would never run out.

Here’s a little excerpt from the book about the Common Grackle: “Not only does the Grackle despoil the farmer’s crops but it is a disturber of the peace among other birds at nesting time. It rifles nests of eggs and callow young to such an extent as often to prevent other species making thier homes in the vicinity of a colony of these birds. The nest is usually in trees or bushes near water, often in ornamental evergreens.”  by Thomas Sadler Roberts, M.D. originally published in 1932, as the Birds of Minnesota. It went out of print in 1944 and a new edition was issued in 1960 as Bird Portraits in Color.

Although the above statement holds true to this day, there are other references in the book that I will be talking about in the days to come…

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