Bohemian Waxwings

Highbush Cranberry 

Birds love Highbush Cranberries, but the berries need to mellow before they are interesting to birds. This usually isn’t until November or December. In fact there is a nice High-bush Cranberry right outside the window at Nelson’s Resort, and that is where I saw my first life-sighting of Bohemian Waxwings. These beautiful birds, which are bigger and grayer than the familiar Cedar Waxwings, wander the woods in search of berries. They erratically occur through out our north woods. However, I have seen nice flocks in both International Falls and Hibbing where people have decorative crabapple or mountain ash trees in their yards.


Identification tip for this bird is the underside of the tail (undertail coverts) is a rich chestnut color. You should be able to see this as most of the time you are looking up at the bird as it eats fruit off the tree.

The best time to look for these birds is in the fall and winter.

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