Blueberry Report


There are Blueberries out there, but this year they are a little hard to find. I thought it was going to be a great year for Blueberries because of all the rain we received, but the crop isn’t all that great. There are several theories out there as to why there is not a better crop – some folks say that a severe hail storm that hit the area is responsible for damaging the berry crop – others say the severe drought of the last 2 years damaged the plants and they are trying to recover. There are a lot of bushes out there without any berries on them at all. These bushes may be first year plants and won’t fruit until next year.

Good places to look are areas where there has been some kind of disturbance. An area that has been logged off a few years ago can be good. The best place to look is an area that had a forest fire – these areas are hard to find, but there were several small fires over the last couple years and if you can find a spot it should be good.


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