Bluebird house

Bluebird house

It’s never too late (or early) to put up a birdhouse. Now is the perfect time. The house can get aired out and acclimated so it doesn’t seem so new to the intended new habitants.

The perfect birdhouse is made out of wood, preferably cedar. Metal birdhouses get too hot in the summer sun. The house should face east if possible. Thereby the sun provides warmth in the morning and the support gives shade in the heat of the afternoon.

I purchased this house at L&M Supply for under $15.00. It’s purpose is for Bluebirds and there should never be a perch attached. A perch gives undesirables a way to get in the house. That includes the invasive House Sparrow.

Bluebirds like open areas, a fallow field with short grass in their preferred habitat

if you don’t get Bluebirds, you may still get Tree Swallows


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