Birders Rendezvous

Last weekend was the 8th annual Voyageurs National Park Birders Rendezvous. We had a bird hike on the Vermilion River Gorge Trail in the morning and a wildflower walk in the afternoon at the Nelson’s Resort Hiking Trail. What a great day! Our group was rather small, but that did not deter us from seeing and/or hearing 51 species of birds. We pretty much got every Warbler that breeds up here including a fantastic look at a Mourning Warbler. She came out on a branch right in plain view. She sat there for a long time and I was able to get her in the scope for everyone to view up close. I believe this picture is of a female because she doesn’t have the dark breast band like the male. Mourning Warblers seem to be everywhere in the woods this year. You can hear their loud song coming from the brush churree, churree, churree, turi, turi sometimes I think the last part of their song sounds somewhat like a Robin.

Mourning Warbler

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