This weekend some friends of ours were up visiting. They brought their son’s girlfriend along, and she is from Sweden. They had done some blueberry picking here in Voyageurs National Park and she was surprised that our blueberries are green inside. This prompted me to do some research as my curiousity was awakened. Swedish blueberries are a different variety. They are called Bilberries in English and I think maybe we call them Huckleberries here in the US. They are totally blue through out the berry and they stain your hands when picking. If you read some of the BLOGS out there on that subject they talk about Swedes walking around at berry picking season with stained hands and mouths.

It seems that berry picking in Sweden is big business – foreign workers comb the forests harvesting the berries. There is a lot of public land in Sweden where perhaps controversy could swirl around that subject.  

Here is more information about the various “blueberry” varieties

We’re heading out to the secret spot of mine and hopefully we’ll find some good berry picking today.

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