Barn Swallows first flight

I thought to myself that I better get some more photos of the Barn Swallows before they fly out of the nest.

Barn Swallows in nest

The chicks are getting pretty big and as I found out they didn’t all fit in the nest anymore.

Barn Swallows feeding time

Just then mama swallow flew in with a tasty morsel of flying insect.

Barn Swallow nest

sorry, no dinner for you…

Barn Swallow newborn chick

I took this picture back on July 5th – wow, they grow fast!┬áIn this photo the chicks barely had their eyes open and just a little fuzzy down was on their head. Now just 13 days later I watched as each of the baby swallows took their first flights. They’re still hanging out in the rafters of my boathouse and being fed by their parents, but soon they’ll be on their own and performing their own aerial acrobatics over the lakes and fields as they wind their way south to their wintering grounds.

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