Baby Raptors

Bald Eagle nest

Bald Eagle nest. The young Eagle is on the right side and is completely dark. Bald Eagles do not get their distinctive white head and tail until they are about 5 years old.

Osprey Nest

The Osprey chicks are getting big too. This nest is located at the intersection of CR 24 and the Nelson Road. It is in an excellent place – out in the middle of the swamp – predators can only reach the nest from the air. Take note of the red eyes, only the juvenile has red eyes, adults have yellow eyes.

Osprey chick

The nests of these two birds look very similar at first, but usually Ospreys will build their nest on the very top of a tree while Bald Eagles will place their nests about 1/3 of the way down from the top. In parts of Minnesota Ospreys will nest on man-made structures that have been put out for that purpose. Ospreys sometimes build on power line poles which is a hazard and the nests have to be moved.  

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